Photo Friday

Some days I wish I worked a full-time job. But only so that I would have that thank-God-it’s-Friday-and-I-don’t-have-to-think-about-work-for-2.5-days feeling. When you’re a mom your job never ends. And even though it is the most amazing job IN THE WORLD, it’s exhausting! I knew it would be, though. Believe me, I would take being a stay-at-home (mostly) for the rest of my life than working a 9-5 and leaving my baby at a daycare. It works for some people but not for me. My life is just as it should be. Except for the beach. Take me to the beach.

1. Speaking of the beach, this meal did not help with the beach body goal I had in mind for this summer. But it was quick and delicious. I tossed spinach and cheese ravioli with garlic browned butter and baby spinach (see, healthy!) and then topped it with toasted pine nuts and shaved Manchego cheese. Ugh, so good.

2. I’m glad Easter stuff is in stores now. Even though it’s over a month away, I love all the colors. They brighten my day and make me happy.


3. I’m always looking for a purpose for dried roses. I feel bad throwing them away! These are from my birthday. I just have to find something else to do with my Valentine’s day batch.. any ideas?


4. Eva usually hangs out in a pack-n-play in the kitchen while I’m cooking. Can I just tell you that 80% of her toys are in there and she plays with them 1% of the time. Her favorite thing to do it ‘walk’ around the perimeter ‘talking’ and watching Riley. She’d be happier with a box than her toys but I’m pretty sure that’s true for every baby.

D7K_46955. Even thought this isn’t her first encounter with chop sticks, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo with you. She was begging me to let her play with these when I made those veggies and rice a little while ago. She was drumming away, it was so adorable. I took them away when she tried to eat them, naturally.

IMG_01036. Have you seen a prettier sunrise?

IMG_0113Here’s to a great weekend of being a mommy and hopefully getting some much needed rest! Cooke for someone you love!





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