Photo Friday

Hi!!!!!! What a week! Eva got a litte cold this week but thankfully it wasn’t nearly as bad as the last one. The real kicker this week was Pierre’s illness. He started feeling sick on Wednesday morning and asked me to pick up some meds as he was leaving for work. I went about my day and around 2 he called me to tell me he was on his way home from work. Later that night we were driving to Urgent Care. He’s better now but he has some sort of virus, nasty stuff. AND of course he’s really contagious so no kissing Eva (or me)!

1. Speaking of Eva. As sad as I am to accept that she will be ONE YEAR OLD NEXT WEEK, I am totally loving the stage she’s at now. She repeats a lot of words we say, she mimics our facial expressions, she interacts with everyone and is trying to walk. She’s so happy. Check out those teeth!

IMG_02322. I was surprised to look over on Pierre’s plate when I made those grilled cheese sandwiches and see this. I laughed out loud and had to take a picture.
IMG_03343. Please see #1. This is her surprise face.

IMG_03684. I’m not crafty AT ALL. I wish I was but I’m missing that gene, I guess. I decided to try my hand at a distressed letter for Eva’s birthday party and I’m so happy with the result! I feel like I could make anything! 
IMG_0387 5
. The weather is starting to warm up here! I mean, it’s still not rising above 45ºF but it’s not so cold that I want to cry when I go outside so that’s a success. It’s amazing how 40 feels like 80 when you’ve been living in 20 and below for 3+ months. I wore my new neon shirt yesterday to help brighten my day!  

IMG_0409I hope you have a great weekend!


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