The Ups & Downs

Did you know we were in Florida for Eva’s first birthday? Yeah, my baby girl is ONE. We had a great time and her party was so beautiful. We were surrounded by family, just the way it should have been. But more on that later.

Monday morning we woke up and I could hear Eva wheezing a little. It got progressively worse as the day went on. We hopped a plane to get home and the wheezing and coughing got really bad. I called her pediatrician as soon as we landed and the nurse (it was after hours) diagnosed her over the phone with Croup symptoms and made an appointment for her the following afternoon. Monday night Eva’s breathing got scary. She slept with us and I pretty much stayed up watching her the whole time. By the time 6 am rolled around I got dressed and drove her to the children’s hospital ER. Talk about horrible.

Three breathing treatments, a steroid dose, an inhaler and SIX hours later, we were home. They diagnosed her with Croup and a lower respiratory infection. She did okay that night, I only had to give her the inhaler once when the wheezing came back slightly. Pierre had to leave late Tuesday night for a work trip which was totally lame.

Wednesday was Eva’s one year check up at her doctor’s office. She had a fever when we got there (she had fevers on and off since Monday) but her spirits were up. The doctor said her lungs sounded clear and she is above average on her development! No need for the second steroid dose the hospital gave us! She did have a little wheezing yesterday but nothing to be too alarmed over.

So after WEEKS for struggling with sickness (for Eva and I) we have this to deal with. I started feeling sick AGAIN yesterday (just in time for Pierre to get home and take care of me) and I have a cold AGAIN. Will it ever end? I have a theory that it’s caused by living up here, far from any beaches, where it’s almost April and still in the 20’s and snowing. MAKE IT STOP.

I’m sorry I haven’t had any recipes, and posts for that matter, in a little while. Our house has been taken over by germs.


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