Chicago Day 1

I’ve been in Chicago for less than 24 hours and I am completely in love! This city is so cool!


Our morning started off really early, 5 am early! Eva didn’t get the memo to sleep in, must be the time difference and the fact that she slept in our bed… kicking us all night long. Pierre got ready for work and left around 7:30 am. I was pleasantly surprised to get a Facebook message from a friend from high school this morning. He lives right here in downtown Chicago and wanted to catch up. Gotta love Facebook keeping people connected! Once Eva and I were ready we headed out to Millenium Park around 9am and met up with Marc. I didn’t want to do too much sightseeing without Pierre so just a few quick looks into the bean and then we went to Starbucks.


D7K_6622We had a great time catching up and talking about where our lives had been in the past 8 years! I can’t believe it’s been that long since graduation! We walked around the city just getting to know what’s around. He’s pretty new to the city so it was a good excuse for him to learn some new routes! We grabbed lunch at Portillo’s and it was amazing! It’s one of Marc’s favorite sandwich places and I can definitely see why.


I had a grilled tuna sandwich with a side of cheese fries to share. AND I got a Coke, something I never drink but it just seemed appropriate :). I’m actually a Pepsi girl. Everything was delicious.


D7K_6665Marc had a hot dog and a hot dip beef sandwich, both looked amazing! I want to take Pierre there before we leave because I know he will love it.



After lunch we went our separate ways. Eva and I shopped a little at the biggest Forever 21 I’ve ever seen! I was in heaven. This photo doesn’t even come close to doing it’s size justice.

IMG_1115I bought a few thing and then came back to the hotel to wait for Pierre to get back from work. Eva had a lot of fun being out and even napped in her stroller for a little while, something she never does. I got some great tips from Marc on what to see while we’re here and I can’t wait for Pierre to get off work so our weekend can really get started!

I hope you are having a wonderful Good Friday and your weekend is awesome!


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