Chicago Day 2

Our second and last day in Chicago was great. I loved spending the day with my little family exploring the city. We woke up pretty early but took our time getting ready and packing our bags. We were checked out of the hotel and walking to Millenium Park by 10 am!

D7K_6692Pierre got to see The Cloud Gate, or “the bean”, in person and I really got to explore all the different angles of it since I didn’t really do that on my first day. Can you spot the kissing love birds? ;).


It was so cool. After that we walked around a few residential buildings on Lake Michigan that were stunning! We got a little lost trying to get to Navy Pier but it turned out okay because we had a lot of pretty things to look at.




Once with made it to Navy Pier we decided on lunch from America’s Dog, a restaurant serving up famous hotdogs according to their cities! I was dying to try a Chicago dog (mustard, relish, onion, sport peppers, tomato, pickle and celery salt) but was upset because I didn’t think it would be possible. But the Lord heard my prayer and I saw that they offered a veggie dog! Two Chicago dogs, please! And don’t forget the cheese fries. Yes, I had them the previous day, no judging.



Everything was delicious! Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about the relish on my hot dog but it really worked so well.

After the Chicago dogs, we went over to another Chicago favorite, Garrett Popcorn! Wow, that place is amazing. We had seen Garrett around the city the previous day, and even that morning on the way to the park but the lines were outrageous! We had just come to terms with not trying Garrett’s but our luck turned! The line was super short at Navy Pier and I quickly got in line to place an order of their Chicago Mix, half CaramelCrisp and half CheeseCorn.



CaramelCrisp: “Rich butter notes, sweet brown sugar and a crème brûlée crunch combine for engaging taste sensation.”

CheeseCorn: “We stir an abundance of freshly-melted, sharp cheddar cheese into each and every batch. Garrett fans proudly display their “Cheesy-Fingers!”

Talk about delicious! They have that whole salty sweet thing working for them! We didn’t actually try the popcorn until we got home that night but I bet warm it would have been impossible to stop eating. I took a photo of it but can’t seem to locate it. We still have a little left over and I hope it never runs out.

After lunch we walked around Navy Pier for a few hours soaking it all in. It was so beautiful!





Lake Michigan looks like the ocean and even though the weather was a little grey and cold the views were totally worth it.



Then it happened. Pierre and I saw a sign that read “Funnel Cakes” at the exact same time and we knew we had to have one. We’re meant to be :).


I’m sure the Pier is so much fun in the summer when there’s more to do outside but we still really enjoyed our time there. I can’t wait to go back!



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