Life Lately

Our lives have been a little more exciting than our meals so I’ll just tell you about that instead.

I found these treasures at Home Goods. How amazing is that store? I have a rule where I only set foot in that store 2 – 3 times a year so that we don’t go broke. Those scones were AMAZING. Eva devoured them (first time she tried chocolate!). Don’t even get me started on the vanilla bean paste. Wow. It’s so thick! The coconut emulsion is basically like a kicked up version of extract but a lot stronger. I’m in love with all of these things. I really need to make some sort of dessert that combines the vanilla and coconut. The scones were gone within 3 days.

D7K_6969 Target strikes again with it’s amazingness. Pierre and I have been on a patio furniture hunt since the beginning of the year. We wanted to make sure and get a jump on it this year because I spent most of last year complaining that we didn’t have anywhere to sit outside and enjoy the weather. I was pretty much care for a very young Eva then and had zero time to hang out outside but it’s totally different this year because Eva LOVES being outdoors. We decided on a set – FINALLY – we’re just waiting for my Target Red Card to kick in with free delivery to order it! I can’t wait!! This pillow was in their outdoor section. I pretty much need it in my life. IMG_1676 I found this coffee at Marshalls. I love it. IMG_1601I finally took Eva out for a run! The weather has been bearable and since I got a jogger for Christmas I figured it was time to hit the road! Eva LOVED it and it wasn’t a horrible run. I now know what people talk about when they say running with a jogger is hard. It is! But it’s fun, too. I was surprised that I lasted as long as I did because I’ve been mostly cross training since my 5k last month. It was definitely a good first run back. Also, I’m totally loving my Nike+ Sportswatch, I’ve been using it six days a week while cross training. More on that later ;).
IMG_1586 This was after our run when I asked her if she enjoyed it. Apparently she learned some karate on the way.IMG_1551 These eggplants are so darn cute!! I initally bought them with the intention to make makdous, but chickened out changed my mind last minute and tried to make some baba ghanouj. I failed miserably. It’s edible but it definitely needs some work. IMG_1519I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here’s to a great Monday!


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