Breakfast Eats

I’m always throwing lunch and dinner recipes in your face but I hardly tell you about what I eat for breakfast. D7K_7048I usually have boring toast with peanut butter and honey but yesterday I had a craving for eggs which only happens about twice a month so I went with it.

D7K_7039I start with every veggie I have on hand. A little cooking spray, salt, pepper and garlic powder. High heat to get crispy edges are a must.

D7K_7040Add a few eggs and scramble away.

I like to serve them up with a little Labneh. It’s similar to Greek yogurt but a little more firm. I grew up eating it and I love it. It pretty much goes with everything.

D7K_7043It looks like a lot of food but I no longer eat an entire meal by myself. Every morning, when Eva has already eaten her own breakfast, she happily points to mine and asks to ‘eat’ in sign language. It’s too adorable to say no to.

And coffee. Always coffee.



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