Photo Friday

Prepare yourself for only photos of Eva and one random shot of my pants. We haven’t done much this week, just how I like it. The weather has been going through some crazy mood swings, hot one day and then cold the next, so we’ve been keeping to ourselves. But I’m constantly taking photos of my baby so that’s what I have for you.

1. Eva now goes to a toddler class every Friday. She loves it! We get to play with all kinds of toys and about 12 other kids with their parents and then at the end we spend about 10 – 15 minutes singing songs, which she loves of course. Last week she decided that she wanted to play with all things I know nothing about. Cars, legos, and a ball. Too bad daddy was working because this class had his name written all over it.


2. We took Eva to an indoor jungle gym last weekend and.. well, girlfriend was ready to party! There was a toddler section with just a few toys but the real fun was in the big gym in the back (what she’s pointing to). At her age a parent had to take her through the jungle gym and let me tell you, it’s TIGHT in there. I barely made it through so I don’t know how Pierre did it. She had a great time! I can’t wait to take her when she’s finally walking! Which I think will be soon, because she took 3 little steps at two different times (not holding on to anything) on Tuesday.


3. Here’s an awkward family photo for you. Yikes.

4. I know I haven’t told you much about our little ‘project’ I mentioned a few weeks ago, but here’s an update. All of my pants are loose. I don’t hate it. IMG_1394Have a wonderful weekend! We’re going to try and go for a jog at a nearby trail because the weather is suppose to warm up this weekend. I hope it works out!


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