The Project + Calorie Obsession

I know it’s beed forever since I posted! Wow, I really miss it. I’m hoping to get back into it this week! I have some yummy recipes I’d like to share with it.

But first I want to finally talk about the project Pierre and I have been working on. Over the last 6 weeks Pierre and I have been doing the Insanity workout program. This workout is NO JOKE. We’ve had the videos since last summer when I was hating my post-pregnancy body and begged Pierre to get it for me. For one reason or another (raising a baby maybe?) I didn’t do them. Until now.

The day we were checking out of our hotel in Chicago we had the TV on and the commercial came on. If you’ve seen this then you know how they hook you. Definitely the reason we got the videos to begin with. At that moment in the hotel Pierre and I looked at each other already knowing what the other was thinking. We came back, got the tools we needed to do it the right way and haven’t looked back since.

We are almost done and I can’t believe it. The transformation in my own body had been really incredible. I could start seeing results within the first 2 weeks and the end of the program it still another 3 weeks away. I wanted to wait to say anything about it because I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t quit after the first week.

It’s been HARD but totally worth the soreness. It’s part of our day now which I love. Another thing that has become part of our day is calorie counting.


2 thoughts on “The Project + Calorie Obsession

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