Photo Friday

Back at it this week! Finally!

1. My best friend in the whole world came to visit me last weekend. It was amazing. We’ve been living apart since high school graduation and we’re finally living 3 hours apart! It’s like a dream come true. I HAD to take her to the yoga class I take on Sundays (my break day from Insanity). The instructor is NO JOKE. I burn between 400 and 500 calories in there, it’s crazy. Anyway, we went and she loved it. We were sweating like crazy within the first 15 minutes of class. Afterwards we went to Whole Foods (one of my favorite places in the world) and then had Chipotle for lunch. Pretty much the most perfect day ever.

IMG_2123 2. Eva cuddles with everything. Last week she was hugging and kissing a Cheerios box. I love her so much. IMG_2149 3. This photo is so perfect. She’s loving the weather and being outdoors. It was touch and go (literally) at first because she has never felt touched grass. The first few times we were in the yard barefoot she kept asking to be picked up. All day she would ask to be outside but would want to be held the whole time. She’s heavy, people. Finally she’s over it and loves grass. D7K_7098 4. We’ve been making a lot of pizza lately. It’s okay, totally allowed. This one is buffalo ‘chicken’ pizza. I used Gardain veggie chicken and then we drizzled on some hot sauce. Amazing. It’s funny how I made that recipe just 2 weeks before becoming a vegetarian. IMG_1908 5. This protein shake is amazing. Add a dollop of peanut butter and you’ve really got something. IMG_19526. Oh my gosh. This one. Probably one of my favorite pizzas ever. EVER. Fresh squeezed lemon is a must. And just in case you don’t click on that recipe, I feel it’s necessary to tell you that there is an entire head of roasted garlic smeared on the crust underneath all that deliciousness. Yep.
IMG_2084Have a wonderful weekend and make pizza!



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