My Thoughts on Insanity

I finished Insanity!! I really didn’t think this day would come. I have tried so many times in my life to ‘get skinny’ and nothing has even come close to making me feel as healthy as I do now.  I’ve alway known that being healthy and fit doesn’t necessarily look a certain way and that it’s more about how you feel and how your body is working for you. But it’s taken me a long time to be OK with it. I have never had muscle definition and (even though they have faded) I have quite a lot of stretch marks on my abdomen and thighs from my pregnancy. I’m trying to love the body I have and although I’m not there 100% I’m a whole lot closer than I was 60 days ago.

The Insanity workout is probably one of the hardest workouts you will ever do. The workout is broken down into 9 weeks:

  • Month one: 4 videos
  • Recovery week: you do the same video for 6 days to recovery your muscles
  • Month two : 5 videos.

There are a few other videos that you don’t do on a regular basis like abs and a fit test that you take every two weeks to see your progress. There is calendar that you follow which tells you which video to do on what day. Here’s what that looks like:IMG_2727

The first month is tough, specially if you don’t push yourself while working out, which I never did. It’s a shock to the system for sure! But the thing I love about it was that, as cheesy as it sounds, Shaun T totally motivates you in every single video! It’s odd and and I can’t really explain it but it’s like he genuinely wants you to better yourself and I think he’s the perfect coach for these videos. His passion for fitness is evident and contagious. Your fitness level before starting the program has nothing to do with whether or not you should start the program. You will build up your cardio tolerance and muscle in no time. I was burning somewhere around 300 – 400 calories per 30 – 40 minute video and that was with many, many breaks. Pierre and I both saw results within the first two weeks with both reaching a 3lb weight loss quickly.

Recovery weeks couldn’t have come any sooner! It was a nice break from all the jumping and craziness. We were both feeling a lot of knee pain (I’ve always had bad knees) and I was having some pretty bad ankle pain. At first I thought that it was because I wasn’t use to these types of workout. We started using knee braces to workout and we finally purchased new shoes meant for cross training, since I was just using my old running shoes. This made all the difference! My ankles were better within a week of getting new shoes and my knees were doing much better. I no longer wanted to cry every time I had to bend down. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t landing properly with all the jumping that caused my issues.

Month two is no joke, people. I remember feeling like month one was only scratching the surface of Insanity. The workouts were longer and the moves were so much harder. The cool thing about it was that my body was able to do everything. Still taking breaks when I needed them but also pushing myself to new limits. I had no ankle pain in month two and my knees have held together. I was burning between 500 – 700 calories per workout in month two. Pierre would burn almost 1,000 per day!

I lost a total of 7 pounds (8 for Pierre!) and many, many inches all around! I can see the beginning of some abdominal muscles and my legs have never looked better. I actually have definition on my arms and all of my clothes are big. I’m buying sizing I haven’t bought since high school! I feel strong, I feel confident and I know that I’m doing the right thing for my health. We track everything we eat and make better choices when it comes to fueling our bodies and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what now? A few weeks before we finished the program Pierre and I talked about doing one week recovery and then starting again from the beginning. But even still I felt a little sad it came to an end. It was a feeling of ‘what now?’. I think I felt that way because I didn’t have workout structure before starting Insanity. Insanity is habit, part of my day, by this point , which I love. I think having a proper workout routine and schedule make it less of a bumpy transition.

We ran a 5k on Sunday with NO TRAINING! Oh my gosh, I was nervous. I’ll update you on that soon :). I hope this post motivates you to get up and move! Whether it’s Insanity that you try, or something else, do what is right for you. It’s about committing to a regimen and feeling strong and confident in your own skin.


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Insanity

  1. I’ve been keeping track of you, very inspiring! I’m totally going to do it! So if I need motivation or to complain, you’ll be hearing from me! XO Steph


  2. You’ve put into words everything I wanted to articulate about my Insanity experience. When I started last year, the comments I got from people made it seem like I was climbing Mount Everest with no gear. Far from it! I think Insanity is a very well structured program that is fun and adaptable. I loved it because my mind never got bored! And people just need to pace themselves and understand that in ANY exercise they do, the point is to just keep moving instead of do everything 100% correct all the time. Congrats on your Round 1 completion! When you start Round 2, month 1 you guys will be like “this is so easy!”


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