A Successful 5K

Pierre, Eva and I ran the 40th annual Dexter / Ann Arbor 5k on Sunday!


I told Pierre on the way to the race that if I could finish a 5k in 30 minutes once in my life, I would be so happy but I knew that probably wouldn’t happen this time. I really just wanted to beat my time from my last 5k – which was awful (not my time necessarily, just the entire race overall). We didn’t get out and run much when we were following the Insanity program so I was definitely nervous!

The morning of the race was pretty perfect weather, right around 60 degrees and mostly cloudy. It felt chilly but perfect to get your sweat on! We parked and then walked 1.5 miles to the start. Uphill, people. Yikes. It was a nice warm-up, though! They offered shuttles to the start but we had the jogger.

We got to the starting line about 10 minutes before the gun so it was just enough time for a quick stretch. We were pretty far back so when we finally got going we had to weave through a lot of walkers and tons of strollers. Incase you haven’t noticed Pierre is an entire foot taller than me so when he was weaving quickly through the crowds with the jogger, I was in a full out sprint. I thought my heart was going to bust out of my chest but it felt oddly good to get my heart rate up like that, thank you Insanity! We slowed down around mile two and then kept a pretty steady pace until the finish. The sun would peek out every now and then and it felt great. Pierre pushed the stroller most of the time, I only pushed it right at the end through the finish.

I used my Nike watch and it said we finished in 29:46!! I was so emotional when I saw that time, I didn’t think it was possible! The official time on the website says I finished in 33:00 minutes so I’m not sure what happened there. Either way, I’m thrilled with the results!

There was PIZZA at the finish line! Do you know how delicious pizza is at 9:45 am? Sure you do because you’re awesome and awesome people eat pizza for breakfast. Actually the first 2 bites were good and then I remembered that I don’t like Domino’s sauce. IMG_2737

Those orange slices were amazing, the pretzel roll was a little too salty for my liking and a banana for Eva. She worked hard, too! Say hello to the DX/A2 Run mascot! Eva loved him.  IMG_2738

And here we are, nice and shiny with our MEDALS! I feel so cool right now. IMG_2740

My next goal is a 10k! Totally freaks me out! But if I can finish a 5k, I know I can finish a 10k… I’m just too nervous to sign up.  I’m sure I’ll run another 5k while I work up the courage :).

Get out and move today!


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