A Little Update

Hi friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. Again I tell you that I am amazed by technology as I type this from my iPhone. I know, I’m Really about 100 years old.

I am currently rocking my little girl while she naps! Well, technically, she’s been napping for 3+ hours! I haven’t been holding her the whole time but I sure wish I had been. Pierre went on a work trip last Wednesday and returned Sunday. While he was gone our little Eva battled a stomach bug. If it wasn’t one end it was the other. Sorry. Anyway, she’s much better now but as you can imagine I was on duty 24/7 for about 5 days.. 24/5? Good thing Pierre came home! Just in time for Eva to be better and me to inherit her stomach bug!

I’ve eaten about 10 saltines, 1/2 cup of rice, 1/4 slice of pizza and 1 bowl of cereal in the past 3 days! Yikes! I’m starvin’, ya’ll! But if I eat I go down this horrible pain spiral. I am slightly better today and I actually ate a pb&j about an hour ago with only slight discomfort.

If you remember, I was supposed to start Insanity again this week. I tried to workout yesterday because I was feeling better after a nap. That didn’t go so well.

I’m hoping to be back to normal at some point in the very near future because the fatty in me wants to chow down. And the Insanity freak in me wants to workout!

Here’s a little text between Pierre and I this morning. Pretty much normal conversation for us.


Moral of the story: I love food and want to eat always. The end.


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