Summer Vacation

Hi! I wish I had some recipes for you but i haven’t really been cooking for the past two weeks. First, I was sick and now I don’t have much in the fridge or pantry because Eva and I are leaving for Florida this weekend! We’re going to be there for two weeks with Pierre meeting us there the second week. I can’t wait!

Family + sun + sand + Gulf of Mexico = my happy place.

I may be posting every now and then but vacation comes first! I do have a few fun facts for you:

• I started Insanity again. After being sick I had to take a week break and that was hard. I really wanted to get back into it but my body had other ideas. I feel great, though!

• I’m signing up for the Cleveland Rock and Roll half marathon! I’m crazy. I already booked lodging, just need to bite the bullet and sign up for the race. I’m super nervous but I know with proper training I can do it! My best friend is going to do it with me, can’t wait to see her!

Now if I could just get through these next couple of days! I’m so excited for vacation!


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