Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday! We’re starting something new around here called Thoughts for Thursday. It’s basically me rambling on about random things. You’re welcome.

Do you like football? I use to be super against it because I didn’t like the way some people get totally sucked into the TV and start yelling and wearing team jerseys everywhere they go. Well, I’m one of those people now (except the jersey part), as of two seasons ago. I just didn’t understand the game until now! Once Mr. Hotcakes (yeah, that’s what I’m calling my husband from this point forward) explained the game I really started to enjoy it. He’s a Miami Dolphins fan (note the kids’s appeal for church a few weeks ago) and always has been so I guess that makes me a fan by marriage. My favorite team is Green Bay but don’t tell him that. So anyway, this year Mr. Hotcakes convinced me to get a Fantasy team and, well, I’m #1 in our league. HA! Me! So funny because I have no clue what I’m doing. But it sure is fun to be a winner.


I’m currently obsessed with these candles. I randomly came across Detroit Rose Candle CO. when I was at Detroit’s Eastern Market about a month ago and I can’t stop burning their candles. At first I just bought one Campfire candle, which smells AMAZING by the way, but then the following weekend I practically begged Mr. Hotcakes to take me back and I bought 3 more, Pipe Tobacco, Toasted Chestnut and a second Campfire because OMG. You need to buy one of these candles ASAP.


Speaking of Eastern Market, if you are in the area you should definitely go there. I love outdoor markets (in the summer, of course), the locally grown produce is beautiful, delicious and well priced! They have more than just food, too, but of course that’s what I loved the most. The atmosphere is wonderful and you can support local farms! There are a few food trucks offering great eats and a BBQ pit right on the sidewalk! We went two weeks in a row (ahem, I NEEDED more candles) and there is still more that I didn’t get to check out. Definitely worth the drive.


Fall is coming to Michigan. I am not ready. I was enjoying the heat and sunshine and now it’s all being ripped away from me. So unfair. I do enjoy the cooler weather but once winter hits I’m pretty much inconsolable. It’s just so darn long. The trees are already changing color


Cilantro mustache. That is all.untitled-149

I’m at the gym 6 days a week taking a variety of classes. Even though I’m still holding on to way too much pregnancy weight I feel strong and I’m toning muscle, which I’ve never had. I was ‘skinny fat’ for a long time and then I gained a lot of weight after I got married. A year after Eva was born I did Insanity and I really enjoyed it (you can read my review here). I had never pushed myself like that before and I lost a lot of body fat and inches all over. Enter twin pregnancy. I gained WAY too much weight and it’s being super stubborn and hanging around longer than I had hoped. But getting up every morning and making it to the gym really makes me a better wife and mom. I get some separation from the kids and do something for myself that I really enjoy. My body is far from perfect but I love it a little bit more each day because I know I’ve done something to better myself. untitled-158

Do you like football? What’s your favorite team?

Any favorite classes offered at your gym or workouts?


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