Finding The Light

Disclaimer: I’m sorry if you’re squeamish, I briefly talk about Eva’s injury.

It has been an emotionally draining week at our house. We’ve had many ouchies and kissing of boo-boos. We also had an injury that sent Eva to Urgent Care. Thankfully she’s okay, just bruised up but I know it could have been worse. She wanted to sit at the adult table to eat her lunch like a big girl. Of course she’d sat at the table many times before so I agreed. If you have a toddler you know they absolutely cannot sit still, it’s in their nature. I turned my back to change one of the twins’ diapers and heard the loud bang that all moms associate with their child falling and hitting their heads. When I turned around I saw Eva on the floor face down, she’d fallen out of the chair. I immediately ran over to her and scooped her up and ran back over to the changing table so the baby wouldn’t fall, too. When I finally peeled her off of my shoulder I noticed a lot of blood in her mouth and a very swollen jaw.

After I got her to settle down (and put the baby in a safe place) I got a good look at her mouth and noticed she bit the inside of her cheek, but man, if I hadn’t already heard that mouth injuries produce a lot of blood I would have been freaking out. Her face was what really concerned me. After talking to Mr. HC about the injury and sending him a photo, we decided to take her to get an x-ray to be sure her jaw wasn’t broken. Eva was a trooper and she allowed the doctor to look her over, but that’s no surprise. I’m pretty sure I have the only child on the planet who loves going to the doctor. No broken bones just a swollen, banged up girl. She’s in great spirits and loves telling everyone about the bruise on her face. I wish I could say that fall was the hardest thing I’ve encountered this week.

We have a few family friends that were dealt really scary hands this week. One was in a car accident that should have killed her but only because God was watching over her she survived. Her recovery will take months and I can’t pretend that I know what that’s like. My other friend is having surgery today to remove what would have been her third baby from her womb. I can’t imagine hearing the heartbeat one week and not the next. Also, something I know nothing about.

The thing is, I could sit here in my house and think to myself that it’s not really my problem to worry for others because I have three kids to think about. Or I could say, “Wow, so glad my family is okay”. But what would that say about me? Where is the compassion and love God commands us to show for our neighbors? It’s easy to forget what others’ pain is when we don’t have to confront it every day.

At the end of the day when all the kids are in bed, the last bottle washed and toy picked up, I think the same thing to myself,  “Wow, what a day it’s been”. And do you know that every day I wake up thinking maybe I won’t have that thought today? Maybe the kids and I will have a ‘good’ day. What does that even mean? A day where I don’t have to raise my voice? A day where I don’t have to rescue Pierre from Olivia’s clutches because she’s using him as a step stool AGAIN?

I admit that I get caught up in day-to-day frustrations and I don’t look at the whole picture. Instead of thinking about how exhausting it can be to care for 3 small children I could be thanking God for giving me the opportunity to stay home with them. If your kids aren’t in daycare, everything they learn from the time they are born until they go to school comes directly from your mouth (and your spouse’s mouth). Kind of a scary thought, but it done’t have to be. You can choose to find the light in every situation. You can choose to control your temper, you choose the words that come out of your mouth and you choose your actions. Just as you choose to show compassion and love for your neighbor.

You can choose to find the light every day. The light that will give you peace and hope. The light that will comfort you when you’re down or give you strength when you just can’t take another step. For me the light is Jesus.


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