Hot & Spicy

I definitely did not intend to halt blogging for so long! Work, school, family, homework.. you get the idea! I have so many yummy recipes to share, but I’ll just give you one today :).

I really like pasta, specially if it’s submerged in a nice and spicy sauce! By now you can probably tell that I also really love lemon.. mmMMm.. I thought it might be fun to make pasta with a putanesca-style sauce because it’s salty, lemoney and AWESOME. As I was perusing the isles at Trader Joe’s I came across this:

Brown rice pasta and I’d never had it before.. so why not?! I used simple ingredients that I think everyone should have in their home at all times.. yes, ALL times!

Tomato, onion (shallots will do), kalamata olives (chopped), capers, parsley (chopped), lemon juice & zest (one whole lemon), LOTS of garlic (I like to grate mine).

First, I cooked the pasta in boiling water until it was tender. In the meantime, I heated a skillet with a little bit of olive oil. Once the oil was heated, I sauteed the onions and garlic with red pepper flakes (quantity depends on your taste in heat!) on medium heat and then tossed in the tomatoes and lemon juice. After the tomatoes have cooked down a little, I added the remainder of the ingredients except the parsley and zest and it looked like this:

Taste the sauce and add salt if needed, but remember, the capers and olives are salty enough! I combined the pasta, sauce, zest and parsley.. that’s it! Voilà!

I paired it with vegan stuffed mushrooms I found on a pretty awesome blog called Vegan Piggy. It was a great meal 🙂


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